Answer yes or no to the following questions…

Within the first six months of passing his/her driving test did/do you discourage your teen from driving independently?

Do you know the passengers your teen has in his/her car?

Do you always set a good example to your teen by avoiding distractions while driving?

Do you talk frequently with your teen about the dangers of distractions, such as loud music, passengers and cell/mobile phones?

Do you know where your teen is heading each time he/she goes for a drive?

Do you make sure your teen is not feeling angry or upset before he/she gets behind the wheel?

Do you restrict your teen’s driving privileges?

Do you restrict the times and conditions in which your teen is allowed to drive – for example, in bad weather and in the early hours of the morning?

Do you make sure your teen has had sufficient sleep before driving?

Do you make it clear all occupants of your teen’s vehicle must wear a seatbelt?

Do you set a limit as to how many passengers your teen can have in his/her vehicle?

Do you have rules in place that determine what behavior you expect of your teen and do you make it clear that driving privileges will be taken away if these rules are broken?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions, well done! You are doing everything in your power to help your teen be a safe driver.

If you have answered NO to any of these questions then it seems you still have more work to do. But fear not, as the One More Second parent and teen sections include help and advice for both you and your teen on the key issues facing young drivers.