Vehicles fitted with a reversing camera are 41 percent less likely to be involved in a back-over crash, according to a Monash University Accident Research Centre study.

Looking at 3,172 pedestrian injuries in New Zealand and Australia’s four largest states, the study also found that vehicles with parking sensors are 31 percent less likely to be involved in a back-over crash.

“Having a rear-reversing camera and sensor installed in your car makes parking and reversing easier for drivers, but it could also save a life or prevent someone from being seriously injured,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan.

While many new vehicles have sensors and cameras fitted as standard, older vehicles can be easily retro-fitted with the technology.

“New technologies are one of the initiatives that are helping reduce deaths and serious injuries on Victoria’s roads to zero,” said Samantha Cockfield, Road Safety Lead Director at Transport Accident Commission (TAC), one of the supporters of the research. The Andrews Labor Government, VicRoads and RACV also supported the study.