A new report which focuses on children killed or seriously injured on Irish roads, published by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has revealed that approximately two in three child casualties from 2014 to 2022 were either a pedestrian or a cyclist.

In its newly published Child Casualty Report, the RSA revealed 56 children aged under 15 died and 852 were seriously injured on the roads, from 2014 to 2022.

Half were pedestrians and almost three in ten were passengers. Almost a fifth were cyclists.

The RSA said the number of children aged under 15 killed on the roads had risen compared to this time last year with 12 deaths to date. There were five in all of 2022.

“This report reveals concerning trends,” said Sam Waide, CEO of the RSA. “Children are among our most vulnerable road users, and they are less able to protect themselves from traffic hazards.

“They are at a high risk of being injured or killed on our roads. We are particularly concerned because we have also noted an increase in child fatalities in 2023. That is why we must all exercise extra caution and responsibility when driving near places where children are likely to be present, such as schools, playgrounds and residential streets.”

He added that the report showed children cycling or walking in urban areas were at particularly high risk and said it was “vital” that motorists slowed down, observed carefully and shared the roads safely with children.