March 17 is a day to remember the patron saint of Ireland. It’s also become a day for parties, celebrations and festivities the world over which means St Patrick’s Day can be a dangerous holiday on the roads.

Alcohol is a particular risk factor associated with St Patrick’s Day; not just because of drunk driving but also because of potentially higher numbers of impaired pedestrians.

Here are eDriving’s tips to ensure this St Patrick’s Day is a safe and happy occasion:

  • Designate a sober driver if you’re heading out to celebrate.
  • If you drink any alcohol, don’t drive. Travel home with a sober friend or use public transport.
  • Arrange alternative transport if you see a friend attempt to drive after drinking alcohol.
  • If you’re hosting a house party, stock up on non-alcoholic beverages like soft drinks, offer guests water and arrange lifts for anyone who has been drinking.
  • Even if you’re not celebrating yourself, look out for those who are. Drive slowly and cautiously through residential areas and close to pubs/ bars where you might encounter impaired pedestrians.