Drivers are warned of “treacherous” conditions as winter descends on large parts of the UK.

Snow and ice are forecast in many areas, promising challenging driving conditions for drivers across the country.

“Rain will quickly turn to sleet and snow through Tuesday afternoon, making driving conditions challenging,” said an RAC spokesperson. “We strongly recommend drivers reduce their speed and more than double the amount of space between themselves and the vehicle in front, giving them more time to react if they need to.

“But the bigger problem for most drivers is likely to be the threat of ice overnight on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning’s commute. Roads and pavements will freeze overnight, leaving glass-like surfaces that will increase the risk of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians running into difficulties.

“Before setting out, it is vital that motorists check their car is up to the task of coping with the more wintry conditions – many breakdowns are preventable with the right preparation. Spending a few minutes checking over tyres, together with oil, coolant and screenwash levels could save hours stuck at the side of the road in the cold.”

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