The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has said it supports the idea of introducing graduated driving licenses.

Karima Delli, the MEP in charge of drafting the European Parliament’s response to a European Commission proposal to revise rules on driving licenses has called for a number of changes that could boost road safety.

The ETSC said one notable innovation in Ms Delli’s draft report was a proposal for a new B+ license for cars weighing more than 1.8 tons.  New drivers would only be able to apply for the license to drive the largest and heaviest vehicles, such as the BMW X5 when they are above 21 years of age, and after two years of driving.

“With road deaths on the increase again in Europe, the EU needs every tool available to make the roads safer for all,” said Ellen Townsend, Policy Director at ETSC.

“Young people are over-represented in crashes, deaths and injuries, and it is perfectly sensible to introduce graduated driving licenses.”