Victorians are being urged to stay safe on the roads during the school holidays by wearing a seat belt and driving to the conditions.

Twenty-eight people were killed on Victoria’s roads in September last year – the highest number of fatalities recorded for the month in 16 years and the deadliest month for the year.

In September 2023, only halfway through the month, there have already been 11 deaths on Victoria’s roads, according to the Victorian Government.

With school holidays deemed higher-risk times, as people take longer drives on unfamiliar roads, drivers are being reminded not to be complacent.

The Victorian Government has issued the following advice to motorists to keep themselves and others safe:

  • Plan ahead and research your route
  • Take your time, drive to the conditions and stick to the posted speed limit
  • Wear your seatbelt – and make sure everyone else in the vehicle is wearing theirs as well
  • Avoid distractions. Looking at your phone can be deadly
  • Never drive tired – take regular breaks if you need them
  • Don’t drive impaired

“We know that more Victorians will be making the most out of the school holidays – I urge people to drive safely,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety Melissa Horne.

“Simple steps like planning ahead and taking regular rest breaks could be the key to arriving to your destination alive.”