Most New Zealand drivers will be on board with the Government’s plans to reduce speed limits around schools and bring back signs ahead of speed cameras, according to the Automobile Association.

AA Principal Advisor Regulations Mark Stockdale says the AA has long supported flashing variable speed limit signs at all urban schools.

“We support variable lower speed limits at the busiest times when children are present – at the start of school or the end of the school day,” he said.

“Motorists understand the need to slow down when children are present as children can be unpredictable. Lower temporary speeds at those times will help improve the safety of children, and flashing variable signs will help to clearly advertise the lower speed to drivers.”

The AA says 94 percent of its members support a lower variable speed limit around urban schools – with support for either 30km/h or 40km/h.

“For rural schools, a 60km/h limit will be a big speed reduction for drivers travelling at open road speeds, so it is essential that the variable limits are clearly signposted with flashing signs on all approaches to the school,” Mr Stockdale added.

The changes are expected to be rolled out over 10 years.

The Government has also made a commitment that all fixed speed cameras will be clearly sign-posted in a new “highly visible, no surprises” approach that has seen 81 percent of AA members supporting the scheme.