Bonfire Night is an exciting event for many families, but there are a few road safety risks to be aware of. Remember, remember these travel tips for a safe fifth of November.

  • Avoid wearing wellington boots or chunky footwear while driving; stick to sensible, flat shoes for the drive and change into warmer footwear when you arrive at your destination
  • Keep your eyes on the road—not on fireworks that are going off around you
  • Be prepared to encounter pedestrians (including lots of excited children) as you approach venues that are holding Bonfire Night events
  • Ask passengers to help you stay focused by keeping the noise down and not pointing out fireworks as you drive
  • If you are taking fireworks with you, store them in a safe container in the boot of your vehicle
  • Leave pets at home to avoid them becoming agitated by fireworks during the trip
  • Plan for sober travel. If you intend to drink, arrange alternative transport. If you need to drive, avoid alcohol completely