As COVID-19 restrictions across Western Australia continue to ease, the RAC says it has received a record number of calls for help from roadside patrols.

Last month, RAC roadside patrols attended 28,495 calls for assistance – the highest recorded in over five years.

“We replaced over 9,500 batteries last month – that’s more than 300 a day and the highest ever recorded,” said RAC Roadside Assistance Patrol Ray Farrugia.

“This could be a result of motorists leaving their cars stationary for longer periods or taking shorter trips during the tighter period of restrictions.

“Now that we can move around more, it’s important motorists pay extra attention to their vehicles to avoid complications due to irregular use.

“We recommend using a smart charger to help maintain your battery and reduce the chance of having a breakdown.”

Farrugia suggests that, if your car has sat idle for a while, give it a long continuous run to warm the engine and circulate fluids, and pop the bonnet to check your oil, water and coolant levels.

“It’s also important to ensure your tyres are up to scratch, check the tyre pressure and carry out a visual inspection. Look out for any signs of damage or excessive, uneven wear. “If you’re unsure exactly what you’re looking at, or you’ve postponed repairs or servicing over the last few months, seek advice from a trusted mechanic.”

RAC’s vehicle maintenance checklist:

  • Charge your battery, or if needed, have it replaced
  • Do all the normal fluid level checks: oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid, power steering, brake fluid and clutch fluid if applicable
  • Check your tyre pressure and look out for wear and tear
  • Check your lights and make sure lamps are clean
  • Check your logbook to ensure you’re up to date with servicing