A new report has been published to improve urban road safety in Canada.

Change for Good Roads, a new initiative from charity Parachute, dedicated to injury prevention, brings together representatives from 17 organizations – from cycling groups to 880 Cities and CNIB – and aims to help create safe, active, healthy and sustainable urban roads across the country.

“Collective action across sectors is the missing link in driving positive change in urban road safety,” said Pamela Fuselli, President and CEO of Parachute.

“Safe, healthy and sustainable urban roads are only possible if we treat the underlying issues as a complex problem, one that involves not only urban planning, but also public health, engineering, recreation and many other sectors, and includes a focus on issues such as inclusion, equity, sustainability, and community.

“It’s at this intersection of interests that sustainable changes in road safety will occur. Road safety is everyone’s business: different populations have different needs and priorities, but the safety of our roads affects us all.”