The majority of Canadians think texting and driving is getting worse, according to a Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) poll.

More than four out of five Canadians (83%) believe texting while driving is a bigger problem today than it was three years ago, despite moves by law enforcement to crack down and extensive public education efforts.

“Despite anti-texting and driving laws in all provinces across the country and several years of public education campaigns, Canadians still don’t seem to be getting the message,” said Jeff Walker, Chief Strategy Officer, CAA National. “Studies show drivers are as much as 23 times more likely to get into a collision when they text and drive. It’s important we all put our devices down and stay focused on the road.”

Texting and driving is tied with drunk driving as the number one road safety concern among Canadians, according to the poll.

Canadians also believe other forms of distraction are increasingly an issue, such as emailing while driving, drivers talking on cell phones and drivers talking to/engaging with in-car technologies.