Riding a two wheeler can be more challenging when carrying a passenger. It affects how the vehicle handles and is therefore best left to the more experienced rider.

If you plan to carry a passenger:

  • Check the vehicle is designed for that purpose
  • Carry only one passenger at a time
  • Only do so when you have adequate experience of riding. Carrying a passenger affects the weight and handling of the vehicle and can also affect the suspension and tyre pressure
  • Ride at a slow speed initially and get used to the way your vehicle responds and handles. Make sure your passenger understands riding techniques, especially into corners, bends and curves
  • Where required, modify your suspension and tyre pressure according to the owner’s manual to withstand additional weight
  • Make sure the passenger has the appropriate clothing and is wearing a quality full face helmet

If you are required to carry a load on your two wheeler, make sure you do so safely. If the load is too heavy, imbalance is always a possibility. Small loads can be carried with caution.

  • Ensure the load is properly positioned and fastened. Try keeping the load light and low. Check it regularly to ensure it has not moved or loosened
  • Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer what type of container can be used to carry items and what weight limit applies. Usually, if a two wheeler is designed to carry goods it will have space for a box to be attached above the rear wheel
  • Place all objects in one secure box/carry bag
  • Do not overload your two wheeler. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to unpredictable handling responses, especially in an emergency
  • Position the load carefully in the safest place (usually above the rear wheel on a designated rack or in a top box)
  • Do not place the load behind the rear wheel. This will affect the centre of gravity and balancing of the vehicle
  • Ensure the load is located centrally so it does not affect the balance. An uneven load will cause the bike to lean on one side, making it dangerous
  • Practice riding in a quiet place to get used to carrying the extra weight