The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has launched a new campaign that invites Coloradans to share their opinions, behaviors and habits related to marijuana and driving.

Named “The Cannabis Conversation”, the campaign aims to capture and understand public perceptions about marijuana-impaired driving in an effort to identify solutions that will keep Colorado’s roads safer. It has been launched along with 18 partners including those representing the marijuana industry, community nonprofits and universities.

“As the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, everyone looks to Colorado for answers to drugged driving so we are trying something new and innovative,” said Sam Cole, Safety Communications Manager at CDOT. “The Cannabis Conversation is about hearing from many different voices on the topic of driving high and understanding how we can more effectively connect with people about the dangers of doing so.”

To spark the conversation, the campaign is asking Coloradans to complete an anonymous online survey about their opinions and behaviors related to marijuana and driving. The campaign will also invite comments from the public at various events and festivals throughout the spring.

Take the survey at