Only one in ten drivers would trust riding in a self-driving car, according to a new study.

The survey by the American Automobile Association also revealed 28 percent don’t know how they feel about the technology.

AAA says it believes consumer sentiment of automated vehicles will be driven by tangible information on key issues and quality education and experience.

Consumers told AAA they want to see more news stories or public information on key issues surrounding self-driving vehicles like safety and liability.

“Knowing how people truly feel about self-driving cars will help the industry to identify the steps needed to move consumers towards greater acceptance,” said Greg Brannon, AAA Director of Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations.

Other findings from the study include:

  • Six in ten (57 percent) Americans say they would like to have a clear understanding of who will be legally responsible in the event of a crash with a self-driving vehicle
  • Half (51 percent) say they are interested in laws to make sure self-driving cars are safe
  • Half (49 percent) want to know how vulnerable they will be to hackers