With so much on their minds as they continue working during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is understandable that at-work drivers might lose sight of their own well-being. Yet, focusing on personal well-being remains crucial at this time, with good health, a positive attitude and 100% focus all critical elements in safe driving.

10 tips for prioritizing driver well-being

  1. Make sure at-work drivers know that their safety remains your priority. Share these Driver Safety Tips (U.S. version, UK version)
  2. Communicate with at-work drivers about the importance of getting adequate sleep, and the dangers of driving tired
  3. Encourage at-work drivers to maintain a healthy diet
  4. Speak to drivers about the importance of continuing to take rest breaks, even if drivers’ hours are extended and schedules are busier
  5. Although their usual form of exercise might not be possible, share tips with at-work drivers for keeping up regular exercise outside of work (ideas include online videos, DVD workouts and home gyms)
  6. Ensure at-work drivers are aware of the risks associated with impairment, including the “morning after” effects of alcohol
  7. Encourage at-work drivers to take “time out” after work to focus on their well-being (for example reading, mindfulness, family time etc.)
  8. Check in with team members regularly to ask how people are feeling/coping. Sharing your own stories of how you’re coping with new schedules/working environments could prove helpful.
  9. Encourage at-work drivers to share feedback related to how they’re managing with workloads
  10. Remind drivers that over-the-counter medicines can have side-effects including dizziness, fatigue, nausea and others, and that they must check labels before driving if they are taking any medicines