Delhi Police and Maruti Suzuki India have jointly announced the launch of a “Red Light Violation Detection and Speed Violation Detection System”.

The initiative aims to provide a safe driving experience to motorists, help pedestrians in crossing the road safely and improve compliance with road traffic rules, thereby reducing collisions and fatalities at junctions. The completely automated system, from violation-capturing to issuance of an e-challan, is expected to strengthen the rule enforcement with transparency. It is also expected to increase awareness of pedestrian safety and help in smooth traffic movement.

The new system has sophisticated 3D radars and over 100 high resolution cameras to track the presence of vehicles and violation of traffic rules. The cameras capture multiple offences–Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD); Speed Violation Detection (SVD), Stop Line Violation, Wrong Side Violation, along with the registration number of the violating vehicle.

The system automatically encrypts and transfers the data of violation to the centralized server at Delhi Traffic Police Headquarters. It then facilitates the generation of e-challans along with photo evidence and sends it to the violators through SMS/email/post. The system is also capable of doing data-analytics and generating trend reports for monitoring system-effectiveness and efficiency.

Capable of 24×7 operation, the system is set up along the Ring Road, a 14-kms corridor between Dhaula Kuan and Sarai Kale Khan, and covers high traffic intensity junctions.