The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) is developing a new web-based tool, the Drug-Impaired Driving Learning Centre (DIDLC).

Funded by State Farm®, the DIDLC aims to bring together evidence-based research on drug-impaired driving. Drug-impaired driving represents a major challenge to road safety professionals around the world. The number of impairing substances, including over-the-counter medications (OTCs), and prescription and illegal drugs, is substantial. However, unlike research about alcohol, much less is known about the impairing effects of these substances on driving.

Fortunately, research is underway at an unprecedented pace to develop new knowledge, although this has also made it challenging for policymakers and practitioners to remain abreast of important issues. The DIDLC is being developed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of diverse stakeholders. The new web-based tool is being designed to inform decision-making by collating the evidence-based research related to drug-impaired driving.

The anticipated release for the DIDLC is December 2016.