eDriving FLEET ℠, a division of eDriving®, the worldwide leader in driver training and risk reduction, has announced the U.S. launch of its new RoadRISK® Plus, a driver training and risk reduction offering that combines a research-validated assessment tool with training courses.

RoadRISK Plus is a two-part risk reduction and training program that combines a validated and research-based risk identification assessment with real-world video scenarios to test drivers’ ability to spot hazards in time, and provides prescribed training content based on drivers’ risk areas. The RoadRISK Plus assessment identifies an individual’s risk level by assessing multiple variables including attitudes, knowledge of defensive driving principles, behavioral attributes, travel patterns, vehicle use and personal profile.

After collecting extensive interactive driver input, RoadRISK Plus classifies drivers as either high-, medium- or low-risk. Based on the resulting risk analysis, the tool prescribes individualized training from among 12 RiskCOACH® courses. These highly engaging, interactive RiskCOACH courses are available in 45 languages with country-, region-, language- and culture-specific content.

Several large-scale research studies involving up to 26,000 drivers have shown the RoadRISK assessment component can accurately predict, with 70 percent accuracy, a driver’s risk of being involved in a traffic collision. Subsequent studies have continued to confirm the validity of RoadRISK’s approach.

“We have unbundled and combined two of the most critical components of our award-winning Virtual Risk Manager® (VRM) platform into one standalone driver training and risk reduction offering to make critical tools used by large global fleets available to organizations of all sizes,” said eDriving CEO Celia Stokes.

Ed Dubens, the head of eDriving FLEET, added: “Highway crashes remain one of the biggest on-the-job risks, and 10 percent of fleet drivers are classified as high-risk. Our goal at eDriving is to minimize these risks by improving driving skills across the board. With RoadRISK Plus we’ve taken another big step toward meeting the demand for proven tools with tremendous risk management ROI whether you have a fleet of five, fifty, five hundred or five thousand vehicles.”

The Virtual Risk Manager platform is currently managing more than 700,000 drivers across the globe, helping clients attain an average of 67 percent reduction in collisions and incidents, and a 20-40 percent proven reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO). Flagship eDriving FLEET clients have won over 70 prestigious awards for improving safety outcomes while substantially reducing costs by using the VRM program.

The main features of the new RoadRISK Plus:

  • Assesses driver risk accurately and quickly
  • Captures driver history, knowledge, attitudes, behaviors
  • Engages the driver with full-motion video hazard identification exercises
  • Provides driver risk exposure analysis and risk classification and best practice insights
  • Delivers subject-specific RiskCOACH training modules based on individual driver risk profile, to remediate specific behaviors.

A global launch is slated for late 2017.