The Province of British Columbia (BC) is partnering with the City of Vancouver to support a cargo e-bike micro hub project that will help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution around the city.

The hub is a delivery facility where packages can be transferred from trucks, stored and then delivered by cargo e-bike to the final delivery point.

“With COVID-19, there has been a surge in online shopping, same-day shipping and home delivery, increasing the number of delivery trucks on BC’s roads,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“This project will support efficient last-mile delivery that does not add congestion, noise or air pollution to Vancouver’s busy downtown core,”.

The micro hub, which launches in June, will run for 14 months.

It is hoped the hub will also:

  • Address issues, such as double-parking, circling to find loading/parking and related congestion.
  • Improve road safety from having fewer larger vehicles.
  • Be a more efficient use of road space, enabling reallocation to walking/cycling/public space in the longer term.
  • Reduce black carbon and other air and waterway pollutants from tires.