David Cliff, CEO of the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) has issued a statement outlining the critical case for ongoing road safety investment following the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the statement Cliff highlights the potential new threats that may emerge in the post COVID-19 world, including greater pressure and risk on the world’s roads. The threats highlighted include:

  • Driver distraction may increase as populations suffer from the potential mental health consequences of job losses, bereavement etc. – adding to risk, particularly for cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.
  • Driver stress, higher fatigue levels and work-related pressure is likely to increase.
  • It is likely that drug and alcohol misuse will increase.
  • Transport operators may be pressured to attempt to reduce costs by extending vehicle maintenance periods, compromising vehicle safety standards and neglecting driver training.
  • There may be pressure for drivers to exceed speed limits and increase driving hours.

View the full statement on the GRSP website