Halloween is a fun time for families, but it can be a dangerous time on the roads. In fact, according to one study, children are more likely to be fatally struck by a vehicle on Halloween than on any other night of the year.[1]

eDriving’s Halloween safety tips:


  • Assume all residential areas will have children on the streets
  • Use headlights, even at dusk
  • Drive well under the posted speed limit, particularly on curves
  • Look out for children entering the road from stopped vehicles
  • Take extra care when entering/exiting driveways and turning into roads
  • Use turn signals to indicate your intentions
  • Yield to children
  • Expect children to cross the road where they shouldn’t – and without checking that it’s safe
  • Stay focused. Avoid distractions such as phones, interacting with GPS, eating and drinking
  • Don’t consume any alcohol if you’re driving; impairment begins below the legal drink-driving limit

Parents/ guardians of trick-or treaters:

  • Adhere to COVID-19 restrictions and safety guidance in your area – this may include avoiding visiting other people’s houses. Also be mindful that some people will not want unknown visitors at their homes
  • Accompany children under 12
  • Use blinkers/hazard lights when dropping off or picking up children in your car
  • Encourage children to wear costumes that are bright and reflective. Add strips of reflective/glow-in-the-dark tape to dark costumes and/or Halloween treat/loot buckets or bags
  • Ensure costumes are not a trip hazard, particularly capes and cloaks
  • Set a good example while accompanying children: walk-don’t run, cross the road at designated places, stay on the sidewalk and use well-lit streets
  • Equip children with a flashlight with fresh batteries and/or glowsticks
  • If you’re allowing older children to go out alone, agree a safe route beforehand and talk about the rules they must follow, including crossing at safe places, looking both ways and listening for traffic

[1] https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/10/181030110635.htm