The Road Safety Council in Western Australia (WA) has launched a three-month consultation to discover the views of the public before it drafts a new road safety strategy for the State Government to consider.

The Imagine Zero Consultation Paper is designed to spark robust conversation among West Australians about the direction road safety will take beyond 2020.

“Over the past ten years, Western Australia has recorded a 30 percent reduction in road trauma,” said Road Safety Council Chairman Iain Cameron. “However, it is little comfort to the people involved, their families, their friends and colleagues with lives changed forever. No one accepts road trauma.”The community consultation period provides all road users, drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists the opportunity to provide informed feedback.

The consultation paper includes information on:

  • WA’s road safety journey so far
  • The current state of road safety in WA
  • How WA compares to other world leading jurisdictions
  • WA’s vision for the future
  • WA’s proposed approach to achieve that vision

“The most progressive Australian states and countries, including the member countries of the European Union, have now set their sights on zero and set targets to reach zero by 2050,” said Cameron. “Imagine zero serious trauma on our roads, and tell us what you are prepared to do in order for WA to pursue the same goal.”

View the consultation