Honda has introduced ‘The DT’ (The Designated Texter) to remind drivers of the importance of not texting while driving, coinciding with Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Honda’s driver safety awareness campaign uses an entertaining approach to highlight the importance of practicing safe driving habits in the form of a parody rap music video. The campaign features two 60-second and one 30-second version of the spot starring ‘The DT’, the person a driver trusts with his or her phone while behind the wheel. The video will be accompanied by a variety of gifs and memes.

The video takes inspiration from classic and parody rap videos, bringing the concept of ‘The DT’ to life. Taking a cue from pop culture, Honda coined the term ‘DT’, hoping it will encourage sharing amongst the target audience. The campaign explains the benefits of how a Designated Texter enables safer driving and requires ‘Mad Responsibilty’ when getting behind the wheel. In addition, ‘The DT’ can be helpful with other potential driver distractions, such as taking photos while the vehicle is in motion.

The social campaign will be shared and promoted on Honda’s social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“Honda believes it’s critically important we continue to educate consumers about safer driving habits, especially with so many young drivers with cell phones behind the wheel,” said Ernie Kelsey, senior manager of regional, social and experiential marketing at Honda. “Distracted driving is a serious issue, but we hope with this ‘DT’ campaign we’ll get the attention of young drivers to address one portion of the issue…and make it cooler to hand over your phone to your passenger than to attempt to text or take photos themselves.”

The videos will run through April and can be viewed below: