Students across Victoria now have access to a new interactive road safety education program – delivered at school.

The Victorian Government launched the in-school Road Smart Interactive program which will boost road safety education in all Victorian secondary schools.

The scheme is being delivered in partnership with Museums Victoria and will be facilitated by skilled road safety educators.

The interactive program uses the latest immersive technology to guide students through a series of educational exercises, all aimed at teaching young people about road safety.

Students learn about safe road environments, safe vehicles and explore the impacts of crash forces. Students also test their knowledge of road safety issues like speed, drink driving and distractions.

A highlight of the program is a virtual reality road trip exploring the history of road safety in Victoria and discovering what a future with zero road deaths and serious injuries would look like.

“We’re making sure school students across the state have access to engaging, evidence-based road safety programs and resources that help the next generation to stay safe on our roads,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Melissa Horne.

“The earlier we can start a conversation around road safety, whether that be in classrooms or at home, the better-equipped our young Victorians will be to use the roads safely.”