The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has published an updated list of state and local idling regulations.

The list is available in two forms. An online version provides detailed information and hyperlinks to each of the 65 state and local regulations that have been identified. A cab card is also available that provides a consolidated listing which can be downloaded and carried in the glove box of a truck.

“Even though enforcement tends to vary among jurisdictions, with areas such as California and New York City being more active, the regulations highlight communities that are concerned about emissions from idling vehicles,” said Mike Tunnell, ATRI’s Director of Environmental Research. “We urge trucking companies to be aware of these regulations not only to comply and avoid fines but to be good neighbors in the communities in which they operate.”

Among the newly enacted regulations now included in the list are:

  • Madison, Wisconsin has a five-minute idling limit with limited exemptions, one of which is if the temperature is less than 20ºF or more than 90ºF. Fines can range from $25 to $200.
  • Sandy City, Utah has a one-minute idling limit with limited exemptions. Violators will be given up to three warnings before a citation not exceeding $750 can be issued.

View the list of state and local idling regulations.