Drivers in London are being encouraged to switch off their engines while stationary as part of a new campaign launched in a bid to cut air pollution and carbon emissions.

The “Engine Off, Every Stop” campaign features posters, bus rears, and billboards on roadside sites and petrol stations across the capital and is led by the City of London Corporation and Camden Council, and funded by the Mayor of London.

The four-week project, running throughout November, highlights air pollution as an “invisible killer” and a serious danger for many Londoners.

Idling vehicles emit pollutants including nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter which are linked to asthma, heart disease, chronic bronchitis and cancer.

“This campaign gives London’s drivers a clear call to action to safeguard personal and public health,” said Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Environment Committee, Keith Bottomley. “Switching off is the easiest way to minimise air pollution and cut carbon emissions. With a small change in behaviour Londoners can help save lives and protect the environment.”