Some Minnesota drivers have used the quiet, open roads as a “license to speed,” according to the state’s Department of Public Safety.

From April 1 – May 21, the Minnesota State Patrol pulled over 232 drivers traveling more than 100 mph. That’s compared to 93 drivers during the same time period last year, a 149 percent increase. Of the 232 drivers, 179 were 30 years old  or younger.

To reduce speed-related deaths and educate motorists, officers, deputies and troopers will be working overtime shifts through to July 19 as part of a campaign coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS).

Overall fatal crashes and fatalities from March 16 – May 31 also increased over last year despite reduced traffic.

“The open roads due to reduced traffic doesn’t give anyone a license to speed,” said Mike Hanson, OTS Director. “Fewer vehicles on the road doesn’t mean less danger. And now with more vehicles on the road, going the speed limit and slowing down are critical to us all coming home to our loved ones at the end of the day.”