The Tasmanian Motorcycle Council (TMC) is calling for cyclists to be identifiable while riding so that those who break the law can be identified and proceeded against.

In a request made to the Road Safety Advisory Council, the TMC says cyclists over 18 years of age could be required to wear a reflective number on their helmet.

“While the majority of cyclists obey the law there is an element within the cycling fraternity that continually do not,” stated the TMC. “They obstruct vehicles travelling on the road; while travelling in a group doing far less speed compared to other vehicles, they will not move into single file to allow vehicles to pass.

“Cyclists use the excuse that they are entitled to ride two abreast on the road, while failing to accept that they are unreasonably obstructing traffic, which is illegal. Despite it being legal for cyclists to travel two abreast and laws allowing other vehicle to cross double lines to pass when safe to do so, irresponsible and discourteous rider behaviour puts cyclists and other road users at risk.”

The TMC says it has received many complaints from motorcyclists, car drivers, bus drivers and truck drivers about cyclists who behave irresponsibly.