October is Motorcycle Awareness Month in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, and riders are being encouraged to learn how to protect themselves better on the road.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole says a new video released by Transport for NSW and the Motorcycle Council shows riders how the Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) safety feature works.

“We know motorcycle ABS can save lives but we also know many riders aren’t as familiar as they should be with how it works,” Toole said.

“We developed this video with the Motorcycle Council of NSW to clearly explain how ABS works by preventing the wheels from locking up to give riders better control and to ensure this potentially life-saving technology doesn’t go to waste.”

While motorcycles only account for four percent of registered vehicles, riders made up 19 percent of fatalities last year in NSW, with 68 deaths, while another 2,207 were injured.

To see the video, visit ridetolive.nsw.gov.au/tips