A new motorcycle safety campaign has been launched in Victoria, Australia to help address a tragic spike in motorcycle fatalities across the state.

VicRoads, in partnership with the Transport Accident Commission has launched the Every Second – Always On campaign to encourage riders to brush up on their safe riding skills and knowledge.

Across Victoria, 28 motorcyclists and passengers have lost their lives this year – 11 more than during the same period last year.

The campaign highlights the need for motorcyclists to be constantly vigilant and focuses on key contributors to crashes including:

  • speed
  • cornering
  • road positioning
  • road hazards
  • other road users.

A new online quiz enables motorcyclists to test and refresh their knowledge of safe riding behaviours and road rules.

The Every Second – Always On campaign is part of a $1 million package, funded through the Motorcycle Safety Levy, which is delivering a range of safety, education and rider mobility initiatives.