Everyday dangers faced by Victorian roadside workers and first responders are at the heart of a new road safety campaign urging motorists to slow down.

The Transport Accident Commission campaign profiles six people who either work on the roads, or for emergency services, and highlights how their safety is at stake when people speed or drive dangerously past them.

“Near misses are all too common for our emergency services and roadside workers, so this campaign highlights the dangers they face at work every day, and how we can all help keep them safe by slowing down,” said Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Ben Carroll.

“The campaign is also a reminder to motorists to slow down when passing anyone on the roadside, and of the laws and limits in place to protect people whose workplace is the roads.”

Since 2017, it has been law in Victoria to slow down to 40 km/h, or less, when passing law enforcement and emergency services that are active or with lights flashing. In addition, it is law to slow down to the posted speed limit when passing other roadside workers.