• Nearly half of all new-car buyers have been put off buying the new car they wanted as a result of poor service at dealerships
  • A larger percentage of men than women took their business elsewhere following an unhappy experience on the forecourt
  • 70% of people would prefer multiple dealers to compete for their business, rather than the other way around

A new UK-wide survey has found that four in ten car buyers have been so disappointed with the customer service at a dealership that they’ve taken their business elsewhere.

The survey data reveals that 39.3% of people have decided to buy a different car because of poor customer service in a dealership, with a larger percentage of men – at 43.1% – taking their business elsewhere compared with 35.6% of women.

The survey, carried out by carwow, also found that 69.7% of people would prefer that dealers competed over buyers, rather than the traditional process of visiting multiple dealerships to try and find the best price.

James Hind, CEO of carwow, said: “The car-buying process hasn’t really changed much in a hundred years. These days you can have your weekly shop delivered to your door and stream films straight to your TV but you still have to awkwardly haggle face-to-face when you buy a new car – normally the second biggest purchase you’ll ever make.  What carwow offers is a new way forward.

“carwow brings the process bang up-to-date by putting consumers first and having the dealers compete over you. And because we only accept Britain’s best dealers and keep all your details private, the transaction is as relaxing and transparent as it should be.”