AIP Foundation has partnered with Toll to launch a new Hauling Safety program in Thailand.

The program is aimed at supporting communities in tackling high-risk journeys for students traveling to and from school through quality safety education and equipment for students, parents, and community members.

In Thailand, traveling by motorcycle is a common way for parents to take their children to school. Unsafe driving behaviors and poor infrastructure in school zones can result in journeys becoming high-risk.

On average, over 17,000 children and teenagers in Thailand die each year from road crashes, according to traffic data collected by law enforcement and the Public Health Ministry of Thailand.

The Hauling Safety program will promote safer journeys to and from school to protect young children from preventable injury or death while traveling on the roads. School-based education campaigns will aim to increase student and teacher knowledge of safe road behaviors, public awareness campaigns will help promote community knowledge of road safety, and private sector volunteer engagement will help to encourage responsible investment in vulnerable communities.