New penalties have come into force that target New South Wales businesses which fail to nominate drivers for offences detected by cameras.

Any corporation which fails to nominate a driver for a camera-detected offence could now face a maximum court imposed fine of up to $22,000 for a single incident.

“We see approximately 7,000 offences a year where the fine goes to the business and the business fails to nominate who was driving the vehicle,” said Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance.

“This means people are committing criminal offences in company cars and are not being punished for their dangerous driving, but these measures will address the behaviour of corporations who continue to flout the law.”

The new measures, which were introduced on June 28, also see the vehicle sanction scheme expanded to company vehicles.

“If you have an employee out there caught speeding at the road side by more than 45km over the speed limit, police will have the ability to confiscate the company vehicle’s number plates or impound the vehicle,” Constance added.

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