Drivers in Boise, Idaho, are the safest in the United States when taking into account population density, according to the newly released 2019 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report®.

Allstate standardizes the rankings between states so that drivers in densely populated areas and their counterparts in smaller cities can be compared fairly.

To help encourage positive change in communities, Allstate is offering $150,000 in grants that can be used for safety improvement projects on the 15 “Risky Roads” identified in June in recognition of the 15th anniversary of the America’s Best Drivers Report. Local safety experts are working with Allstate to determine which projects will make a positive impact for motorists driving on these crash-prone streets.

“When you consider the impact a daily commute has on a person, it’s not hard to imagine how one small traffic improvement can be a positive change for many,” said Saat Alety, Allstate’s Director of Federal Legislative and Regulatory Affairs. “Our grants signal Allstate’s commitment to reduce risky conditions on America’s roads in communities across the country, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. We need Congress to pass comprehensive infrastructure reform so we can rebuild a transportation network that ensures a safer future on the roads for everyone.”

These are the 15 safest driving cities in America when accounting for population density:

2019 Top 15 U.S. Cities After Factoring Population Avg. Years Between Collisions Change in Ranking from 2018
Boise, Idaho 13.65 +2
Brownsville, Texas 14.95 -1
Laredo, Texas 13.02 +3
Fort Collins, Colorado 12.6 +1
Madison, Wisconsin 12.18 -1
Olathe, Kansas 12.66 +4
Overland Park, Kansas 12.44 +6
McAllen, Texas 12.42 -1
Cary, North Carolina 12.02 +3
Miami, Florida 10.11 +24
Kansas City, Kansas 13.21 -9
Mesa, Arizona 11.6 -1
Colorado Springs, Colorado 12.01 +8
Huntsville, Alabama 13.39 N/A
Chandler, Arizona 11.21 +2