An estimated 3,142 people died in distraction-related crashes in the US in 2020 and a further 424,000 people were injured, according to latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Now the Governors Highway Safety Authority (GHSA) has issued a new report with the aim of changing the social norm around distracted driving to make it completely unacceptable.

Distracted driving can be anything from using electronic devices behind the wheel to eating and even daydreaming.

The study examines the extent of the problem and provides more than two dozen recommendations to help State Highway Safety Offices (SHSO) and their partners combat distracted driving.

“Distraction is rampant on our roads,” said GHSA Executive Director, Jonathan Adkins.

“Watch the passing cars the next time you’re waiting at a crosswalk or riding in a vehicle – odds are you’ll see someone not paying full attention to the road.

“Too many drivers are quick to point the finger at others driving distracted but refuse to look in the mirror and improve their own behavior behind the wheel. Everyone must do their part to help make distracted driving socially unacceptable or inattentive drivers will continue to kill people on US roads.”