Business travel is expected to recover to only slightly lower levels than pre-pandemic, according to a new study from the Department for Transport (DfT).

Companies questioned in the survey by Ipsos Mori, said they expect an average of 38 percent of employees within their companies to be travelling for business, compared with 40 percent before the pandemic. Only one percent said no employees would be travelling for business after the pandemic.

The regularity of business travel is expected to drop slightly though, with 41 percent of companies expecting to make fewer business trips than before the pandemic (27 percent somewhat less, 14 percent far less) and more than a quarter, 27 percent, expect to make more business trips (19 percent somewhat more, 8 percent far more).

Nearly a third (30 percent) expect to make the same level of business trips.

Assuming restrictions are no longer in place, companies said they expect to use a similar mix of transport modes as before the pandemic, suggesting a return to long-distance rail and domestic air travel, and a reduction in the proportion of car journeys compared to levels during the pandemic.

The full survey results can be read online.