Commercial drivers on the Lower Mainland in British Columbia are reported to be experiencing time and fuel savings, as a result of the Weigh2GoBC program.

The ministry has recently installed weigh-in-motion strip sensors in all six lanes of Highway 91, southbound toward the Nordel Inspection Station.

This allows commercial drivers, who are registered and approved for the Weigh2GoBC program and pass a credential check, the opportunity to bypass the Nordel Inspection Station. The sensors weigh, measure and screen vehicles for safety requirements at highway speeds.

The Weigh2GoBC program allows commercial carriers to bypass Weigh2GoBC inspection stations (weigh scales) if they get the “green light” to go ahead.

It is estimated reduced driver times and fuel costs have saved the industry more than $49 million. These include more than 1.7 million litres in fuel savings as a result of not idling through the stations and a reduction of over 3.2 million kilograms in greenhouse gas emissions.