The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has published the initial round of data it has collected on crashes involving vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving systems.

Last year the NHTSA ordered reporting for crashes involving such vehiFirstsignalcles to allow it to identify potential safety issues and impacts resulting from automated vehicles being on public roads.

While not comprehensive, the data provides NHTSA with immediate information about crashes that occur with vehicles that have various levels of automated systems deployed at least 30 seconds before the crash occurred.

“New vehicle technologies have the potential to help prevent crashes, reduce crash severity and save lives, and the Department is interested in fostering technologies that are proven to do so; collecting this data is an important step in that effort,” said Dr Steven Cliff, NHTSA’s Administrator.

“As we gather more data, NHTSA will be able to better identify any emerging risks or trends and learn more about how these technologies are performing in the real world.”

Going forward, the NHTSA is expected to release data updates monthly.