The National Safety Council (NSC) has released a framework summary for employers identifying six critical areas to prioritize as they consider reopening and returning employees to traditional work environments.

The framework is based on recommendations from the SAFER: Safe Actions for Employee Returns task force and provides a map that NSC hopes the Department of Labor will adopt as part of its Opening America’s Workplaces Again national online dialogue.

The six key areas identified are:

  • Physical environments
  • Medical issues
  • Stress, emotional and mental health
  • Employment and human resources
  • Communication needs
  • External considerations

“This SAFER framework provides a solid structure for the business community to reference to ensure that safety considerations are at the forefront of their response to the pandemic,” said NSC President and CEO Lorraine M Martin.

“We welcome the opportunity to share these actionable resources with the Department of Labor to help create a national framework ensuring the safety of every workplace across the country.”

SAFER, a group of experts from Fortune 500 companies, leading safety organizations, non-profits, government agencies and public health organizations, is the first national task force focused on worker safety and formed in late April.

Further information about the NSC response to COVID-19 and the task force’s activities is available at