Transport for New South Wales (NSW) and the Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues team have teamed up for a social media campaign to promote road safety.

The three-part mini-documentary series called ‘Building the Blues’ will be available on social media with the first episode discussing how teamwork and good decision-making skills are important for both winning a game and keeping the roads safe.

Road safety is close to the hearts of the Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler and advisor Greg Alexander. Alexander’s brother and Fittler’s best friend, Ben Alexander, died in a drink-driving crash in 1991.

“We used to drink-drive and speed, and sadly that killed my best mate,” said Mr Fittler.

“When I look back, I realise I am lucky not to have the same fate.

“The most intelligent people are those who can learn from other people’s mistakes.

“Speeding, drink driving, and fatigue are things we can control with good decisions.”

Speeding, fatigue, and drink driving are three leading causes of death and injuries on NSW roads.

Transport for NSW said between 2016 and 2020, speeding, drink driving, and fatigue contributed to about 57 per cent of deaths and 34 per cent of serious injuries on the State’s roads.

So far this year, 83 people have lost their lives in crashes where at least one of the three was a contributing factor, the organisation said.