Motorists in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, are being reminded to make a Plan B to get home safely after a night out, as part of a statewide campaign to raise awareness about the importance of planning ahead.

Transport for NSW says two-thirds of lives lost on the state’s roads occurred in the country, with drink driving one of the biggest factors. More than 175 people have died on country roads this year, and at least 17 percent of those involved an illegal level of alcohol.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Paul Toole, has called on drivers and motorcyclists in regional NSW to make a Plan B before going out during the festive season.

“It’s been a tough year for people in the bush, with drought, bushfires and now COVID-19, so many are going to be looking to unwind and socialise with loved ones, or pack up the car and hit the road to enjoy a well-deserved holiday – but it’s important we all do that as safely as possible,” said Toole.

“With more people visiting regional NSW this festive season, I’m asking everyone to take extra care on the road because road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“Drinking alcohol increases your risk of being involved in a crash, which is why campaigns like this are so important to drive home the importance of planning ahead.

“Whether it’s calling on someone for a lift or rolling out a swag on a mate’s floor, you need to have a Plan B before going out during the festive season.”