With children just having gone back to school, drivers in New South Wales are being reminded to slow down to 40 kilometres per hour when entering school zones.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, Paul Toole, has stressed the importance of motorists slowing down and paying special attention when travelling near schools.

“Our littlest students in Kindy and Years 1 and 2 are still becoming familiar with road rules, so as thousands of new students and their parents attend school for the first time, it’s vital we slow down in school zones,” said Mr Toole.

“If you see flashing school zone or bus lights, it means children are nearby, or getting on or off the bus, so make sure you slow down.”

Mr Toole says there are a number of safety measures in place at schools, with the NSW Government investing $18.5 million in more school crossing supervisors.

Failure to slow down or give-way to buses can result in heavy fines and demerit points. Higher fines and demerit points also apply to certain driving and parking offences committed within school zones.