The New Zealand Government is looking into setting a target of zero deaths on the road.

Talking about the development of the Government’s new road safety strategy, Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter said that no loss of life is acceptable.

“I accept that a target of zero deaths would be audacious, but ambitious targets are need to focus the resources of both central and local government to save lives on our roads,” said Genter. “No other industry accepts hundreds of people dying each year as normal. No person I know thinks losing a loved one in a crash is an acceptable price to pay for living in a modern society.”

The development of the new road safety strategy will take until September 2019. It will outline the steps New Zealand will take to meaningfully reduce deaths and serious injuries over the coming decade.

“Ambitious zero road death strategies have been successful overseas,” added Genter. “Countries like Canada, Sweden, and Norway all aim for zero road deaths and have considerably lower fatality rates than New Zealand.”

Over the next year the Government will consider a number of options for reducing harm on the road, including improving the safety of vehicles entering New Zealand, reducing speeds around schools, and implementing mandatory alcohol interlock device systems for repeat drunk drivers.