Road users in Victoria are urged to play their part in protecting pedestrians following an increase in fatalities.

There has been 76 deaths on the State’s roads this year compared with 66 at the same time last year. This increase includes ten pedestrian fatalities, which is five more lives lost than this time last year and above the five-year average.

A new digital campaign from the Transport Accident Commission places the responsibility on all road users to look out for one another. The campaign promotes simple steps to avoid tragedy and urges both pedestrians and drivers to ‘see and be seen’ when out and about.

Pedestrians should avoid distractions and make sure they’re visible on the road, while motorists are encouraged to slow-down in busy areas.

“Everyone has a right to feel safe on our roads and we can all take simple steps to protect pedestrians – be it drivers slowing down in built-up areas, or pedestrians keeping their eyes on the road at busy intersections,” said Transport Accident Commission CEO Joe Calafiore.