Drivers in Canada are being urged to “slow down” and be “attentive and patient” as school buses get back on the road.

With schoolchildren returning to the classrooms, Canada Safety Council is reminding drivers that the return of school buses has a significant impact on traffic patterns.

“We want to take this opportunity to remind Canadians to slow down, be attentive and patient,” said Canada Safety Council President and CEO Gareth Jones.

“Let’s do the things we each control to help ensure that children get to school and back safely.”

Canada Safety Council has issued the following safety tips and reminders to motorists:

  • When bus lights are flashing red motorists must stop and wait until they are turned off before proceeding.
  • Certain areas of Canada have introduced a set of yellow lights, cautioning that the bus will soon stop, drivers should also begin to slow down.
  • Unless the road is separated by a physical median, drivers should not pass a stopped bus in either direction.
  • If the road is separated by a physical median, drivers must stop only if they are approaching the bus from behind.
  • Motorists should drive slowly in school zones and residential neighbourhoods, leaving plenty of time and space to stop or to perform evasive manoeuvres as necessary.
  • Be aware that school buses must always stop at rail crossings.
  • Always comply with posted speed limits. This is especially important in school zones.