From October 12, drivers of vehicles in Western Australia (WA) that are fitted with radar detectors will be subject to heavy penalties.

Drivers caught with a radar detector fitted to, within or on their vehicle, operational or not, will be issued with a $1,200 on the spot infringement and seven demerit points.

Drivers of a truck or other heavy vehicle will receive a $1,500 infringement and seven demerit points. On a double demerit point long weekend, this would result in a loss of licence.

The new laws will bring WA into line with all other jurisdictions around the country, the last of which banned radar detectors two decades ago.

“Speed continues to be the most common behavioural factor in WA road deaths,” said Road Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner.

“This new law will heavily penalise any driver caught using a device or technology that enables them to dangerously exceed the speed limit and avoid detection.

“I encourage any driver with one of these devices in their vehicle to remove it before October 12 and help make the roads safer for everyone.”