A new program has been launched in the United States that enables consumers to identify and stay up to date on vehicle safety recalls via text message.

The National Safety Council (NSC) and CellARide, a Springfield, Missouri-based automotive tech firm, have announced a collaboration for a first-of-its-kind service as part of the Check To Protect recall awareness campaign from NSC.

Instead of going online to enter a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number, vehicle owners now can learn their recall information by texting RECALL to 99724 to receive English-language communications or REVISA to 99724 to receive Spanish-language communications. The service also explains how owners can get their vehicle repaired.

“This technology will make it easier for vehicle owners to check their recall status and takes just a few moments to use,” said Kelly Nantel, Vice President, Roadway Practice at the NSC. “Please check your vehicle in order to protect the loved ones who ride with you – and if you do have an open recall, make sure to schedule a free repair. Dealerships are open and taking appropriate safety precautions to keep drivers and technicians safe.”

Check To Protect encourages vehicle owners to check their recall status and schedule a free repair as soon as possible.