A road safety project launched in Shanghai, China, six months ago to help keep children safe on their way to school has already led to road infrastructure improvements.

The Bridgestone-sponsored Safe to School – Safe to Home programme officially launched with surveys for students and parents that helped Safe Kids China and Bridgestone China volunteers assess student behaviour on their way to school, together with road infrastructure issues surrounding each school’s location.

Once the results of the surveys had been processed, an educational curriculum and teaching tools were developed. The curriculum included safe crossing and seatbelt and helmet-wearing knowledge. School students also received helmets donated by Bridgestone.

Additionally, five infrastructure improvements were successfully carried out including two zebra crossings, one pedestrian area, the addition of a school sign for drivers and one safe behaviour sign to serve as a reminder for children.

“Thanks to Bridgestone’s support, the programme could reach out to the school to educate students and improve the school zone, which will not only benefit the school, but thousands of people and families of the community as well,” said Executive Director of Safe Kids China, Monica Cui.